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Ezra LeBank
Founder BGD

Bad Goat Dance is a home for collaborative movement study. Rooted in Contact Improvisation, Acrobatics, Biomechanics & Mindfulness, I believe we all have an innate need to connect to each other and the earth. Our practice is to play more and listen closer.

As the Chair of Theatre Arts and Head of Movement at California State University Long Beach, I aim to hold space for inquiry and innovation at home, and as a teacher and researcher in communities across the world.

Upcoming Events

Current Research Areas

RJ, California

“Ezra's classes always have a crystal clear intention, building thoughtfully from one element to the next with insight and his own unique point of view."

WP, New York

"I love how Ezra flips concepts I thought I understood on their head, bringing me into my body and my dancing in surprising and joyful ways."

BH, Montana

“I always feel cared for in class with Ezra. He's one of the professors who really takes the time to listen.”

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