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Ezra is an internationally recognized physical theatre director and movement specialist. As Professor and Head of Movement at California State University Long Beach, Ezra travels across the globe, teaching contact improvisation and acrobatics, and performing like a boss. He combines acrobatics, dance and clown to tell stories about connection. His book Clowns is published by Routledge (UK). He also drinks tea.

​Cynthia isn't bossy on purpose, it comes naturally, and is also the reason she needs so much sleep before rocking your socks off. Her bossy training consists of punching tigers in the teeth followed by a hot cup of kicking your butt. Don't worry, the tigers enjoy it. Cynthia signs autographs on Sundays between 4-6pm in your dreams. Cynthia is a graduate from CSULB in Long Beach, and Circomedia in Bristol, UK.

​Taylor stays in the air most of the time. She only touches the ground for scones and tea, but otherwise prefers to stay up there while she blows your mind. Someone once told her that bosses train everywhere. She took them a wee bit seriously, and has since mastered the art of the one-arm spinning snore twist, where she does three things you can't believe all at the same time. It's not real, it's bossy. Taylor is a graduate from CSULB in Long Beach, and Circomedia in Bristol, UK.


Bossy Flyer creates thrilling acrobatic adaptations of classic stories.

We play with mixed forms of movement and storytelling to

empower audiences and frisk unusual theatrical terrain.


"Flying bossy is kinda like being a fine wine. It take time,

and I should have considered stopping at two glasses."

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