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Long Beach Contact Improvisation Festival

Join us for a 4-day celebration of Contact Improvisation in sunny Long Beach!

Enjoy classes, intensives & jams with world class teachers from across California.

January 13-16, hosted on the beautiful California State University Long Beach campus.

The 2023 Festival is sold out. You can join the wait list at the link below.


Brenton Cheng (Oakland)

Breakthrough (Intensive)

This intensive is about opening up the delicious detail of our dancing. We’ll draw on core-to-limb connectivity, joint work, and conscious weight shift to find our way into full-bodied, easeful, self-surprising dances.


Jess Humphrey (San Diego)

Treffpunkt (Intensive)

“Treffpunkt” is German for “meeting place” and makes me think of how CI is kinda punk—and also not. What does touch, the surface of contact, the treffpunkt, between us have to say?


Rebecca Bone (Nevada City)

Finding the Fulcrum, Tipping the Weight (Class)

In this class we will practice allowing gravity to “do the work” by finding the fulcrum of our own and our partner’s body and utilizing this awareness in our dancing.


Mariia Bakalo (Riverside/Ukraine)

Back to the Earth (Class)

The material of the class is going to take us on a journey of how we might shift attention to the feet and the lower part of the body while dancing in contact. 


Rebecca Bryant (Long Beach)

Partner Flow in the Ensemble Fold (Class)

Explore the richness of collaborative interaction within ensembles of contact improvisers, diving into relationality across space/time that is grounded in the close-ness of touch.


Justin Morris (Los Angeles)

Ground Grooves 101 (Warm Up Class)

GG101 class will provide movers with foundational knowledge, strength, and a mindful approach to contemporary floorwork.


Jen Hong (Venice)

Yoga Beyond the Sagittal Plane (Warm Up Class)

A gentle yet invigorating yoga practice that is designed to take you into the parameters of the human skeleton as a universal design but with attention to each unique body.

Ezra LeBank.jpg

Ezra LeBank (Los Angeles)

Falling Upward (Class)

After building a floorward foundation, we will discover the open and friendly skies through a variety of structures that allow us to greet a palate of planes and relationships.

CI Teacher Bio Photo 1.JPG

Marcus van Duren (Venice/Oakland)

Backspace (Class)

We will look at how moving through the "backspace" at various levels opens new possibilities for entering and exiting supported/suspended weight.


Zena Bibler (Los Angeles)

Dancing WITH (Class)

This class draws strategies from contact improvisation, emergent composition, and other methods to create an expanded field for dancing with others or in an ensemble.

Land Acknowledgement

CSULB is located on the sacred site of Puvungna. We acknowledge that we are on the land of the Tongva/Gabrieleño and the Acjachemen/Juaneño Nations who have lived and continue to live here. We recognize the Tongva and Acjachemen Nations and their spiritual connection as the first stewards and the traditional caretakers of this land. We thank them for their strength, perseverance and resistance.

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