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Long Beach Dance Week

Join us for a full week of dance July 21-27, 2024 in sunny Long Beach, California!

We will start and end each day with a Contact Improv/Dance Jam. In between jams, enjoy dance & movement classes with world class teachers in diverse forms including Contemporary, Floorwork, Handstands, Release Technique, Breaking, Tango, Contact Improvisation, Axis Syllabus, and more on the beautiful California State University Long Beach campus. Space is limited.


Tsiambwom Akuchu (Los Angeles)

Breakdance & Hip Hop

Breakdance class focuses on the basics of breaking with and emphasis on a full-bodied experience of the dance. In a second class we on Hip-hop we will focus on fundamentals for generating creative movement.


Amaya Alvarado (Santa Fe, NM)

Handstand Fundamentals & Progressive Training

Dive into the fundamentals of handstand tailored specifically for dancers and movers. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your technique, this will equip you with essential tools for a strong and stable handstand.


Jen Hong (Venice)

Axis Syllabus

We will explore the multiple relationships present in the body including joint centration, spinal mechanics, and how to work within the structural parameters of our human form. Class material will focus on sensing in to functional anatomy, biomechanics, and physics. 


Jennie Morton (Topanga)

Dance Injury Prevention

Take the mystery out of dance injuries by learning the basic concepts of anatomy, the common causes of injury, plus practical prevention and management strategies.

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Ezra LeBank (Long Beach)

Contact Improvisation: Falling Up & Flirting with Gravity

Aikido, acrobatics, and CI principles merge as we explore the creative science of moving floorward to expand our directional capacity with intention and softness as we redirect and open opportunities for ease in flight when we create the conditions for us to fall up.

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Marie Osterman (Los Angeles)

Contact Improvisation: Fun-damentals

Deepen our physical listening while still focusing on finding the fun. We’ll expand our solo improvisation-- going away from the pressure to be interesting, and barreling recklessly and wholeheartedly towards being fully interested with the dancing space around us.


Arletta Anderson (Los Angeles)

Ground Grooves

Ground Grooves is a community-focused, longevity-obsessed floorwork approach that provides hyper-personalized, detailed instruction in a fun and not-too-serious environment.


Sharna Fabiano (Long Beach)

Tango: Rhythm & Flow

Explore tango improvisation using rhythmic aspects of traditional music to create playful dances with common social vocabulary such as little runs, spot steps, rock steps, and rock turns. Gain insight in leading and following.


Nguyen Nguyen (Los Angeles)

Release & Klein Technique

We will discover together how to awaken our inherent physical intelligence. We will connect with gravity so that we can explore the skeleton's architectural framework. We will find our bodily logic through organic movements.


Darrian O'Reilly

Contemporary & Social Dance Smash-Up

Enjoy the deep and complex experience of movement, connecting to our intrinsic joy, play, musicality, and wild abandon. In Social Dance Smash-Up we will embody the question: how can play take shape?

Land Acknowledgement

CSULB is located on the sacred site of Puvungna. We acknowledge that we are on the land of the Tongva/Gabrieleño and the Acjachemen/Juaneño Nations who have lived and continue to live here. We recognize the Tongva and Acjachemen Nations and their spiritual connection as the first stewards and the traditional caretakers of this land. We thank them for their strength, perseverance and resistance.

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